Please take a look for some services I can offer to you :

  • Design Thinking

    Create a design that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems

    Example : Create new brand for new business

  • Design Audit

    Conduct an analysis of the design elements in use by a company

    Example : Redesign of existing media

  • UI/UX

    Organize design thinking or design audit process about UI/UX

    Example : Creating an application interface

  • Website Development

    Create an organization profile or online store website for your business

    Example : Build a news portal using WordPress CMS

  • Seminar

    Become a speaker for your seminar about design, organization, etc.

    Example : Workshop about students legislative board

  • Videography

    Organize a video project such as TVC, campaign, and profile video

    Example : Create a social campaign TVC

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